Product and technology

FabTec Biotechnical mask is fully tested 2-directional reusable face mask
  • FabTec mask works in both directions, protects the user and protects those around the user
  • has a particlefiltering efficiency of 95 %
  • repels microbes
  • is comfortable, easy to breathe and does not get wet during use
  • is washable and environment friendly
  • maintains its properties after washing

FabTec mask has a multi-layered textile structure, the development of which is based on biotechnology.

The development of the materials is based on the innovation of reusable hospitals’ operating room textile material. For the filtration layer of the mask we have developed a nano-tech material layer.

FabTec mask is a sustainable product that is  

  • cost-effective
  • not containing unsafe chemicals
  • not harmful to the environment after use
  • consisting of 70% biodegradable cellulosic fibers and 30 % material using nanotechnology