Protect yourself and those around you
throughout the day

FabTec mask works in two directions. It repels microbes that travel while breathing – both inhaling and exhaling.   

FabTec mask also allows you easy breathing through the mask. And what’s better, you can wear the mask the whole day without compromising its filtration efficiency.

In the development process of FabtTec mask, one of the key ideas was environmental friendliness.The FabTec mask should be a long lasting, reusable, safe to wear and its disposal shall not increase the environmental load. 

Long development story put short:   We are now launching a unique, reusable FabTec mask with a filtering efficiency of the best A-class. In this level the filtering efficiency required for reusable masks is 95%. * 

The materials we use in outer and inner layer of FabTec mask are made utilizing biotechnology. These materials do not release microparticles with the inhaled air inside the mask wearer’s body.

The materials of FabTec mask also repel microbes. To wash and clean the mask, an energy-saving wash by hand and soap is enough. It’s not necessary to wash FabTec masks in washing machine with a long and high temperature program.

*Fabtec masks have been tested by the French DGA and they comply with the requirements of  AFNOR SPEC-S76-001, Report  RP/20-4531/DGA MNRBC/2000305/NP.